Museum night

One day in a year 90% of Slovenian museums open their exhibitions without admission. The museums and galleries are opened from early morning until midnight. This year I went to see the photographic exhibitions at Museum for Architecture and Design which held selection of photographs from international art collection Junij. Secondly I went to the Jakopic Gallery where they had the collection of photographers who were the members of the famous Magnum Photos. The collection was called Magnum’s First: The Face of Time. It  is the very first group exhibition of Magnum Photos which is considered a photographic myth of the 20th century, time and again inspiring new generations of photographers. Thirdly I went to the National museum of Contemporary History where they have the collection of retrocomputing. The guide gave us a really good tour around computers and mainframes and I also took some photos. The interesting thing was computer developement in Yugoslavia back in the 1980s, when the license from Digital was obtained from the United Stated and machines were branded under the name of the company Iskra Delta, so you can see PDP’s with additional hardware which was made at Iskra.



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