Category: Retro computing

  • I will buy a Lemote Yeeloong laptop

    Chinese company by the name Lemote produced a few batches of FSF endorsed laptops called Lemote Yeeloong back in 2010 – 2012. First Yeeloong was the model 8089B with a 8.9″ screen, followed by 8101B with a 10.1″ screen size. These laptops are now out of sale and only obtainable on a second hand market. […]

  • Free hardware designs

    In the recent years the Free Software Foundation has encouraged (computer) hardware manufacturers to start producing free (free as in freedom) hardware. Most hardware produced and sold today has proprietary design (Apple, Intel, etc.) and is therefore restricted/encrypted and hard to use with free software, requiring programmers to use reverse engineering methods and write the […]

  • 20 years on the Internet

    It was around the year 1994, when my mother brought her business PC Atari XT 8086 home, which I was able to use. It had a Microsoft Windows DOS System installed. I managed to obtain the 2400 bps modem and install it into the computer. Because the internet wasn’t commercial at that time in Slovenia […]

  • One Laptop Per Child

    I got a chance to obtain the One Laptop Per Child computer. It is a XO-1. I have ordered it from California and currently blogging about it on my other OLPC related blog.

  • VAXorcism for hobbyists

    The owner of Slovenian company which worked with VAX/VMS has gifted me some vintage VAX workstations. They are MicroVAX 3100 and VAXstation 3100, which will join my collection of VAXstation 4000/90. They are being put on hold for the cold winter days, when I will use my time to play with them and upgrade them […]

  • Museum night

    One day in a year 90% of Slovenian museums open their exhibitions without admission. The museums and galleries are opened from early morning until midnight. This year I went to see the photographic exhibitions at Museum for Architecture and Design which held selection of photographs from international art collection Junij. Secondly I went to the Jakopic […]