About me

My name is Jan Prunk. I live in Slovenia . My enthusiasm for computers started as a hobby in my primary school, when my uncle gave me the personal computer Sinclair ZX Spectrum 48k back in 1985. It was fun playing games on it, which were loaded through the compact cassette player. In 1992, I started exploring the Internet over the Dial-up internet access. At that time, I had an Atari PC 8086 XT class with 2400 bps modem, and a Disk Operating System. I obtained access through my parents account on Academic and Research Network of Slovenia, which was operating on some form of a VAX hardware with the VMS operating system. I had access to terminal based e-mail and IRC. After my high school I started with the student practice at the Software company Hermes Softlab (now ComTrade) , where I worked for 2 years building Intranet web pages on Microsoft Windows 95. There, I first heard about GNU/Linux. At first I was using it on remote servers for permanent IRC access. It didn’t have a big influence on me until the year 2001, when I also started using GNU/Linux at home. I have chosen Slackware which was one of the most advanced GNU/Linux distributions at that time. The installation on a home PC has served to me also as an Internet gateway (It’s hard to believe but I had a working IPv6 stack on the early set of 2.x Linux kernels). I also tried Red Hat distribution for a while and later decided to go with Debian GNU/Linux in 2003 which was known to be a well developed, secure and stable GNU/Linux distribution. In the years 2007-2009 I worked for an Internet service provider Telprom in Ljubljana, as a GNU/Linux system administrator in the VoIP field. My work was based on Asterisk PBX . In 2010 I started with my part time work in a Brittish company MCKAYCOM Ltd., which provides hosting services and Internet access, has a status of Local Internet registry and is peering on multiple Internet exchange points worldwide. MCKAYCOM Ltd. are also a member of one of the worlds leading Internet exchanges in Amsterdam called AMS-IX. If you are looking for affordable IP Transit service, let me know. Since 2010 I am working in a security company Sintal concern in Ljubljana. I am an eager admirer of the Free and Open hardware design and comply to the software freedom and GNU philosophy. I am using free software distributions for my daily work, such as Trisquel GNU/Linux , Replicant , and LibreCMC . I have attended several FLOSS related events, among them the LinuxTag conferences in Germany (2006, 2011), and several networking events, among them the GO6 IPv6 conferences , RIPE-64 conference (2012) and CEE Peering days conference (2017). I try to contribute to FLOSS communities as a follower and member of related organizations, such as FSF, FSFE, Libera chat, OFTC. When I am not near computers, I prefer to spend my time with other interests. I like to hike or cycle and spend time outside doing photography or attend a concert or an art exhibition. I enjoy listening to different types of music either from my own collection of musical records or from the radio. If the time and finances match together I also enjoy traveling around neighboring countries.