Second visit to the Vet

I went to the Vet today after work. My dog Goa was quite calm in the start, when we arrived. When the Vet called us in the room, I had put her on the table. She had 5 stiches on her skin and a round baloon around her neck for anti-scratching in the last 10 days. In the beginning she was quite calm, when the Vet cut her 4 stiches out with the scissors, but when he was getting to the main stich on her eye, my telephone rang and she got all upset, she jumped from the table and refused to cooperate any further. I placed her back on the table, and the nurse arrived to held her head still. Again goa was striking with all her force and jumped off, she started to bite through her antibite-holder against the Vets. So when she was on the floor the nurse decided to give one more try with the scissors. Goa wanted to bite her, and the nurse was so scared that she jumped away and she nearly hit me in the head with her scissors. So there was no other way to calm down my dog other than sedate her. The doctor sedate her and in 2 minutes she was on the floor sleeping. He came back in 10 minutes and took the stiches out of her eye. It was a very good thing that he sedated her, otherwise he could hit her in the eye with those scissors. He kindly asked me, if he should give her anti-drug, to wake her up, and I said “Yes, we are only 2km away, I will trty to walk her home”. 10 minutes later, the dog woke up, tried to stand on her feet barely, and we went home. She went still all the time, not looking in any dother direction than straight ahead. She usually comes fully together in 5-6 hours. I think that she should of been sedated a bit all the time, since she always expresses her aggression towards other dogs (joke).






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