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  • Upgrading U-boot to 2015.07 on Compulab Utilite

    This manual is about upgrading U-boot on Utilite Standard / Pro device. Originally the default U-boot on Utilite has version U-Boot 2009.08-cm-fx6-0.87+tools (Oct 06 2013 – 13:46:27). Here we try to flash the chip to U-Boot 2015.07-cm-fx6-3 (Sep 02 2015 – 13:30:11 +0300). This is how you proceed. Have the Micro SD card ready and […]

  • Utilite miniature embedded ARM computer

    I was in search for a replacement miniature embedded system to serve as my home router and XBMC video platform. Currently serving this purpose is the pico-ITX form factor Raspberry PI. While RPI still uses older ARM CPU v6, the Utilite in the pro-version uses quad core Freescale i.MX6 ARM v7 Cortex A9 CPU running at 4 x 1.2 […]

  • Moving the blog

    I have (successfully ?) moved my WordPress blog from one server to another. There was a longer period of the blog not working, due to an old server, which has now been replaced.

  • Chris Rea 2010 tour

    Ines & I went to the Chris Rea concert. The show was placed in the small Tivoli hall and many older people attended. They started with Chris’s special guest Paul Casey who is an Irish singer and guitarist, which also plays guitar and sings in Chris’s show. Chris really did his best on the show […]

  • H1N1 influenza vaccine

    I got myself vaccined against H1N1 (swine flu) influenza with Pandemrix. I will report here, if I will experience any side effects.

  • Second visit to the Vet

    I went to the Vet today after work. My dog Goa was quite calm in the start, when we arrived. When the Vet called us in the room, I had put her on the table. She had 5 stiches on her skin and a round baloon around her neck for anti-scratching in the last 10 […]

  • All my life for sale

    I have ordered a book “All my life for sale” which is about a person from the USA who sold all his property and possesions over EBAY. He sold over 600 items, reaching the final price of 5000 USD. Later he visited most of his buyers and wrote this book. Soon there were others doing […]