Setting up Qrator EBGP multihop session

In this post I am going to explain how to setup a (Qrator) EBGP multihop session on quagga. Qrator radar is the Autonomous System monitoring service and provides several monitoring tools inside their interface. They offer free and payable services. Some of their services are available for public view and there is also access for AS maintainers, who can sign up for an account. First open the Qrator EBGP multihop configuration menu. This menu asks about the IP address of your router and password for protecting the EBGP multihop session. Password entry is not obligatory, so it is possible to leave that field empty. Proceed configuring your router (quagga) next. Enter into enabled mode on quagga with “enable” command.

  1. First go into configuration mode on quagga.
  2. Define the AS of your router
  3. Define Qrator neighbor and their AS
  4. Define your router’s source IP address
  5. Define the number of ttl hops (50 should suffice)
  6. Activate the neighbor
  1. # conf t
  2. # router bgp <your AS here>
  3. # nei remote-as 197068
  4. # nei update-source <your router’s IP here>
  5. # nei ebgp-multihop 50
  6. # nei activate

The Qrator’s router IP could be different in your case, check their notification system for the information. Additionally you can also check the Qrator FAQ.







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