Category: BGP

  • Setting up Qrator EBGP multihop session

    In this post I am going to explain how to setup a (Qrator) EBGP multihop session on quagga. Qrator radar is the Autonomous System monitoring service and provides several monitoring tools inside their interface. They offer free and payable services. Some of their services are available for public view and there is also access for…

  • Meeting Richard M. Stallman

    I would like to share with you my experience meeting the most important person in the GNU/Linux community, Richard M. Stallman (RMS), the man who started the free software movement. It was on April 20th 2012, when Andraž announced on RIPE-64 Twitter blog, that RMS will attend the “Digitizing ideas and Common Knowledge” conference at the…

  • Utilite miniature embedded ARM computer

    I was in search for a replacement miniature embedded system to serve as my home router and XBMC video platform. Currently serving this purpose is the pico-ITX form factor Raspberry PI. While RPI still uses older ARM CPU v6, the Utilite in the pro-version uses quad core Freescale i.MX6 ARM v7 Cortex A9 CPU running at 4 x 1.2…

  • BGP on RPI

    For the needs at my home, I use BGP on the little Raspberry PI embedded device acting as a router. Having a redundant connection ( in case of the failure on one link, another link takes over ). How is it possible ? I use the Raspbian GNU/Linux distribution, which has the required routing software called Quagga.

  • RIPE 64

    I have attended the RIPE 64 conference in Ljubljana, which was held at the Grand Hotel Union. The conference was really well organised, so all the best to the organisation team. Beside the very good lectures, they also organised the journey into Postojnska cave, which is one of the longest caves in the world (if…

  • AS50763 on AMS-IX

    AS50763 has become a peering member of the worlds biggest Internet Exchange AMS-IX.

  • RIPE Atlas

    I received the RIPE dongle for participating in their project RIPE Atlas network measurement. It will produce a collection of live Internet maps with unprecedented detail. The goal is to deploy thousands of active probes primarily in the RIPE NCC service region and measure the Internet infrastructure in real time. As a sponsor I will help to achieve…

  • Route servers

    I compiled a list of open route servers, you can view it here. You can also test our open route server, just telnet to .

  • Looking glass new version

    Robert has made a nice new version of the looking glass. You can check it here.

  • Looking Glass

    I am spending the last days by looking at the Looking glass servers trying to resolve all the data which comes out of there. As the looking glasses use different software it gets interesting, when I am trying to understand the whole output. Earlier I have published the link to my MRLG where you can…