Month: June 2012

  • Museum night

    One day in a year 90% of Slovenian museums open their exhibitions without admission. The museums and galleries are opened from early morning until midnight. This year I went to see the photographic exhibitions at Museum for Architecture and Design which held selection of photographs from international art collection Junij. Secondly I went to the Jakopic…

  • New Free Software mirrors

    I set up two new software mirrors. One being GNU Linux-Libre kernel, a project to maintain and publish 100% Free distributions of Linux, suitable for use in Free System Distributions. Second being the ISO mirror for Trisquel GNU/Linux distribution. Both mirrors are located in California, United States. Server space is kindly sponsored by Laszlo.

  • VAXstation 4000/90

    Darko V. saved/gave me the VAXstation 4000/90 model VS49K-AB codename “Cougar”. It supports recent NetBSD which seems like the best option to install, before the GNU/Linux port becomes mature to test it on. I already have a DEMO account at Dave’s identical machine running NetBSD 6 BETA .