GNU 30th anniversary

GNU_30th_badgeThe GNU project was started 30 years ago by Mr. Richard Matthew Stallman with it’s primary goal to distribute completely free (free as in freedom) software. It includes more than 80% of the code shared by todays popular systems often mistakenly called Linux (Linux is just a kernel, which was the missing part at that time, when GNU existed and was developed by Mr. Linus Torvalds in 1991), so the proper name for operational system is GNU+Linux. GNU/Linux is being used worldwide today with various distributions and in professional setups on Mobile phones, Embedded systems, PDA’s, Notebooks, PC’s, Servers and Mainframes and has already gained a large recognition. Congratulations to all the people involved and mostly to Mr. Stallman for striving so hard through the years for the recognition of the system.



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