Trisquel GNU/Linux on my laptop

I am proud that I am now using Trisquel GNU/Linux distribution for my daily work on a laptop. It is a distribution that is endorsed by the Free Software Foundation and it is based on Ubuntu, so if you already know Ubuntu and care for more freedom, you should consider using it, too. There is a list of hardware on H-NODE which is compatible with Free Software distributions. Almost all features on my laptop work, I spotted only a few minor errors, which don’t afffect overall usage. What doesn’t work yet is the 3D acceleration on the GPU, but I don’t even have the need for that. Another thing is that backlight doesn’t go into standby mode when the laptop is idling, but stays turned on at all times (the bug is already fixed in Ubuntu). There is a free Adobe Flash replacement called “gnash” and videos on Youtube are WebM encoded and can be viewed using a pure HTML5 standard. While mentioning HTML5, there is a petition going on for Anti Digital Restrictions Management in HTML5, which you should sign.



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