From Free Software to Hardware

In order to use free software successfully, we need more free (free as in freedom) hardware available. Because the computer industry requires lots of funds/investments into hardware design, many companies unfortunatelly mostly try to make their hardware proprietary. Therefore making it difficult for free software to run on them without restrictions. Here are some links that I have come accross, that define what are the differencies between free and proprietary hardware and why free hardware would be good for companies to produce. Also keep in mind that you can help FSF campaign by buying AMD CPU chips and not buying Intel, and by publishing statements about what you’re doing. The most uncooperative company is Intel, which has started a sham “open source” BIOS project. The software consists of all the unimportant parts of a BIOS, without the hard parts. It won’t run, and doesn’t bring us any closer to a BIOS that does run. It is just a distraction. By contrast, AMD has been cooperating by releasing major chunks of their BIOS source code and making their technical experts available. Likewise, buy motherboards that support free BIOS. See Supported Motherboards for information on which companies cooperate and which models and motherboards are supported.



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