Small work is big shit

“Small work is big shit” was the leading topic of the Student protest in Ljubljana, held in front of the parliament building on 19th of May 2010. The student organisation wanted to accomplish additional free benefits for schoolars and students in Slovenia. By the way Slovenias school system is still free of charge for regular students, they also get free food in schools and discounted coupons for food in the restaurants. Now they were after additional free benefits, like unlimited honorary work for students. By the way many students earn a lot more than regular workers in Slovenia, since the employer doesn’t need to pay taxes when employing a student. And the directors of the firms where they provide work to students earn big money from it. Well the protest in the main city has excalated and schoolars and students started to throw bricks into the windows and facade of the parliament, they also started up the fire as seen on Youtube’s video. Slovenia doesn’t recall any protest being so extreme since the end of 10-day Slovenian war in the 1990’s.







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