20 years on the Internet

BtN-viqIYAIp0YhIt was around the year 1994, when my mother brought her business PC Atari XT 8086 home, which I was able to use. It had a Microsoft Windows DOS System installed. I managed to obtain the 2400 bps modem and install it into the computer. Because the internet wasn’t commercial at that time in Slovenia yet, my parents obtained Internet access through non-profit Academic and Research Network of Slovenia (ARNES). The modem was able to dial-up over telephone line into ARNES network and from there on friends of ours provided a terminal access to one of the UNIX computers at university, where I was capable to use E-mail and IRC. I spent many days on IRC chatting with people who were already able to access the Internet. Around that time Jonas showed us how Internet and IRC works in his popular TV show “Videošpon“.