Month: January 2013

  • Power line

    I ordered a pair of Power line (PLC) (picture) TP-LINK TL-PA551KIT adapters. Intended use would be replacing Wi-Fi, therefore reducing latency and packet loss and enabling features like VoIP and multicast for IPTV streaming. Also it would not spoil the overall look in the apartment running cables under the ceiling to each room. Maximum classification is 500Mbps/s data transmission […]

  • Free as in Freedom

    I have noticed that my blog doesn’t contain any detailed description about my view on Free Software, so for those people who come to my blog, and think it’s just another thing that computer oriented people like to use, I would like to explain my vision about that in a few words. Beside the philosophical […]

  • Trisquel GNU/Linux

    I have translated the article from English to Slovenian Wikipedia about Trisquel GNU/Linux distribution. Trisquel GNU/Linux is an operating system based on the GNU/Linux distribution Ubuntu.[1] The project aims for a fully free software system without proprietary software or firmware and uses a free version of the GNU/Linux kernel as distributed by the Linux-libre project.[2]

  • One Laptop Per Child

    I got a chance to obtain the One Laptop Per Child computer. It is a XO-1. I have ordered it from California and currently blogging about it on my other OLPC related blog.