Qik is a streaming service, which enables you to record video and audio stream on your mobile phone and distributes it in live mode to their website. Visitors can then watch the stream directly by visiting your Qik personal website , browse your video archive and place comments. There is a similar service to Qik, which is called LiveCLIQ and is based and developed in Slovenia. Unfortunatelly I couldn’t test LiveCLIQ as Qik seems to be the only service which supports my Galaxy Spica 1.5 Android system.

dn42 graphs

The dn42 network is built through multiple nodes acting as AS’s. It’s visibility can be seen from the graphs made by Somerandomnick, Ivo and welterde. Daily update can be seen from Helios 1 and Helios 2 webserver. Be advised that graphs are big in size and can terminate your browser or close your X-sesssion, therefore I advise to download them to your PC (try wget) and open it with the image viewer later.