Month: February 2010

  • gNewSense mirroring

    I am in charge now also for the gNewSesne archive mirror for Balcan states and Middle East countries.

  • Native IPv6 on AMIS

    I was happy to receive a native IPv6 /64 subnet from AMIS today. It is still in the testing phase, this means they aren’t offering it to all customers yet. A native IPv6 connection means, that I can now avoid using IPv6 tunnel brokers and access the world directly over the IPv6 stack.

  • Chris Rea 2010 tour

    Ines & I went to the Chris Rea concert. The show was placed in the small Tivoli hall and many older people attended. They started with Chris’s special guest Paul Casey who is an Irish singer and guitarist, which also plays guitar and sings in Chris’s show. Chris really did his best on the show…

  • gNewSense

    I was browsing around the page of Free Software Foundation, where I saw that they are promoting a fully Free software GNU/Linux distribution, called gNewSense. At this moment the distribution is based on Debian Lenny which uses 99% of compatible sources from the “main” section, which is Free software. They are excluding some programs which…

  • Native IPv6

    I received a native IPv6 subnet on one of my dedicated servers. It is now being used for hosting a freenode leaf server. I am still waiting for my home ISP provider AMIS to enable native IPv6, I hope that they will do it soon.