Chris Rea 2010 tour

Ines & I went to the Chris Rea concert. The show was placed in the small Tivoli hall and many older people attended. They started with Chris’s special guest Paul Casey who is an Irish singer and guitarist, which also plays guitar and sings in Chris’s show. Chris really did his best on the show singing, playing guitars and dancing on the stage. It was amazing that he didn’t drink anything during his act in a nearly 90 min. long show. They had a special person, who was in charge to change Chris’s guitars and they had a stage with more than 15 guitars and he took a new one for each of the songs. His European tour called “Still Got So Far To Go” takes acts in most cities, every day with only 1 day off during the week. Chris’s has really well recovered and beaten the cancer, and he looks like new by the age of 58.


I was browsing around the page of Free Software Foundation, where I saw that they are promoting a fully Free software GNU/Linux distribution, called gNewSense. At this moment the distribution is based on Debian Lenny which uses 99% of compatible sources from the “main” section, which is Free software. They are excluding some programs which don’t have a 100% Free source. By the way, this is also the distribution, which Richard M. Stallman currently uses (as of January 2010). He uses a Lemote Yeelong netbook with a Loongson chip and a 9-inch display. This is his only computer, and he uses it all the time. He has chosen it because it can run with 100% free software even at the BIOS level. I have installed gNewSene on Ines’s old PC, and it allready has some Free shell users. I am always happy to assist in some way to the Open community, so I decided to setup a mirror for the gNewSense archive.