Month: October 2009

  • Rome

    One week of holliday in Rome is over. We (Holy trinity – Lidija, Ines-Jana & myself) have seen most of the sights, including: Pantheon, Spannish steps, Fontana di Trevi, Monument of Vittorio Emanuelle, Forum Romanum with Palatin and Colloseus. We have also visited the Holy see museums, Sistine Chapel and St. Peters basilica, which are…

  • 1980s Slovenian music

    I was searching for videos on Youtube, about Slovenian music in 1980s, when they had good lyrics and good melody. It was great finding bands like Randez-Vous, Hazard, Čudežna polja, Ivan Hudnik, Big Ben, Daniel (cro), Faraoni, Monroe band, Romeo… Here is one refrain for those, who understand Slovene… Shopping, shopping im Graz, Zena, mulci,…

  • IPv6 certification completed

    I have completed the final step in HE IPv6 certification and reached top level Sage. I did it by using my primary domain name . Check my Certification link for details.

  • Debian mirror becomes primary for .si

    My Debian archive mirror ( became a primary Slovenian ( mirror to sponsor the Debian project.