Project Gutenberg

Today, I have read about the Project Gutenberg in Delo daily newspaper. It explains how Michael S. Hart started to contribute book translations to the project more than 30 years ago in the computer center, when the internet was only working on a few nodes. He is/was a visionary at that time and had a vision, that books should be accessible to the public free of charge and collected at one location as a digital library. Becouse I am contributing to the Wikipedia project, which also has the same idea of sharing knowledge to the public, I got interested for project Gutenberg. I downloaded one of their books in a text format (they have multiple formats available, to fit on all computer OS’s), where I read on the bottom, that they are interested in photo-scanning equipment donations. I contacted Mr. Hart, who has replied on the same day, and I am hoping to get my unused scanner delivered to someone who needs it for his contributions to the project.


Ines & I had a trip to Budapest from 20th – 24th of April. It was Ines’s second time to Budapest and my first time.
We were lucky with the weather, so we did a lot of sightseeing. We walked around the city districts (Budim & Pesta), seen the Parliament on the inside, Hungarian national museum, crossed 3 bridges. We stayed at the nice Marriott hotel, which was beside the Danube river. Now we have a direct highway connection with Budapest from Ljubljana, it takes 450km/5 hours of driving time.