Logical volume manager

LVM (Logical Volume Manager) is a thing in Linux, that makes your Linux drive to better manage the partitions. For example, that you have 3 drives, each with a Partition of 100 Gb, LVM allows you to cluster these partitions together and have one partition with the size of 300 Gb. It can also do much more than this. I am discovering the LVM options this week.


Today Ines & I woke up early in the morning. We made a contact with people who raise “Jazbečar” dogs in Croatia. We were about to meet at 10 o’clock in Brežice. When we were about to head to the highway with ur car, we spotted a dog who was about to cross it. I stopped the car and Ines went out to hold the dog from the street. She took him a few meters up the street but he came back, so the only solution was to put him in a car and drive him to “Gmajnice” (the center for lost animals). The dog was very friendly and it was some sort of a smaller mixture. When we arrived at Gmajnice, they had closed door, so I called them on their mobile number and soon a doorman showed up. He put a collar on the dog and took him into the center. He scanned him with a chip scanner, and found out that he was chipped, so we were really happy that he will return to his original owners. When we arrived at Brežice, the “Jazbečar” owners were allready there. They had brought their adult dogs and 2 of their kids. One was allready reserved for another couple from Ljubljana, which came right after us. Ines got instantly in loved in her new dog, which name is “Eusebio” (boy) . We took him in the car, and he was biting her a bit and resting on her knees, untill we arrived to Ljubljana. First it was a big surprise for their parents, Vojc (father) wanted to have a “Jazbečar” for a very long time, and this was a great B’day present for him from Ines. Off course the dog had to make friends with Ariel (the poodle) and 2 cats. They became friendly with each other very fast. Eusebio likes to bite everything he sees (like all little dogs) and he is quite an eater too. He also became a friend of Goa.