T-2 mobile plan

This will be interested for Slovenian readers. Recently I switched the mobile plan from Mobitel to T-2. T-2 has an UMTS data coverage in major Slovenian cities for only 10 EUR/month. They provide unmetered data plan through their nodes. When being out of reach their voice signal is being transmitted through Mobitel. They also have cheaper peering for establishing calls to Si.mobil and Tuš mobile, than Mobitel.


One week of holliday in Rome is over. We (Holy trinity – Lidija, Ines-Jana & myself) have seen most of the sights, including: Pantheon, Spannish steps, Fontana di Trevi, Monument of Vittorio Emanuelle, Forum Romanum with Palatin and Colloseus. We have also visited the Holy see museums, Sistine Chapel and St. Peters basilica, which are all impressive. Too bad is that they leave too many people inside at the same time in Vatican museums, everyone is heading towards the Sistine chapel to see the “Last judgement” painting of Michelangelo, among the others. Vatican has preserved lots of sculptures and paintings from all Roman empire, inclusive sights from Greek and Aegyptian art. On the last day we sit down in a local pub, when a beardy guy came by. The first impression was, that he is some local guy, he was dressed up plainly ordinary. He sat by the next table, when people started talking with him. One of the waiters even brought a picture of him and asked him for an autograph. Later the waiter told us that the guys name is “Il Grande Cantante” Lucio Dalla. We only gathered good impressions on this trip, but one annoying fact is that Rome (Italy) has so many immigrants from Africa, which are really trying to annoy you, while you drink, eat or walk. They are asking for money or trying to sell you stuff, which you don’t need, and this happens nearly on every corner with monuments. Pictures from the trip are visible at my gallery website.


Ines & I had a trip to Budapest from 20th – 24th of April. It was Ines’s second time to Budapest and my first time.
We were lucky with the weather, so we did a lot of sightseeing. We walked around the city districts (Budim & Pesta), seen the Parliament on the inside, Hungarian national museum, crossed 3 bridges. We stayed at the nice Marriott hotel, which was beside the Danube river. Now we have a direct highway connection with Budapest from Ljubljana, it takes 450km/5 hours of driving time.

Travel to Munich

Ines & I have travelled to Munich, Germany. We have visited the Vintage Computer Festival Europe, the Cray Cyber museum of supercomputers and we also did some sightseeing, we went to Nymphenburg palace where rulers of Bavaria lived two centuries ago, we visited Neue Pinakhotek which holds the works of 18th and 19th century painters and sculpturers, BMW Museum of the Automobile producer from Munich, and nearby Munich Olympic stadium where they held Olympic games in 1972. We also visited a very popular brewery called Lowenbrau.