Category: IPv6

  • RIPE 64

    I have attended the RIPE 64 conference in Ljubljana, which was held at the Grand Hotel Union. The conference was really well organised, so all the best to the organisation team. Beside the very good lectures, they also organised the journey into Postojnska cave, which is one of the longest caves in the world (if…

  • AS50763 on AMS-IX

    AS50763 has become a peering member of the worlds biggest Internet Exchange AMS-IX.

  • Sage T-shirt

    Hurricane Electric is so nice to send all participants who completed their IPv6 test with top/sage level a T-shirt. They allready provide us with Free IPv6 tunnel broker service. A big shout goes also to the Go6 community and RIPE who gave us T-shirts on the last IPv6 summit, this is me wearing it.

  • Slovenian IPv6 Summit

    On 12th and 13th of May there was an IPv6 summit in Ljubljana. On the first day I have joined the IPv6 deploy workshop, where two Greek researchers informed us about all the possibilities of IPv6, with good examples written also on slides. On the second day the summit speakers were presenting IPv6 topics and…

  • Native IPv6 on AMIS

    I was happy to receive a native IPv6 /64 subnet from AMIS today. It is still in the testing phase, this means they aren’t offering it to all customers yet. A native IPv6 connection means, that I can now avoid using IPv6 tunnel brokers and access the world directly over the IPv6 stack.

  • Native IPv6

    I received a native IPv6 subnet on one of my dedicated servers. It is now being used for hosting a freenode leaf server. I am still waiting for my home ISP provider AMIS to enable native IPv6, I hope that they will do it soon.