I purchased Android mobile phone Samsung i5700 Galaxy Spica. It goes back a few years, since I purchased the first GNU Linux capable mobile phones, Motorola A780/Rokr E6, but support for them never managed to get done completelly, due to lack of developers and backwards compatibility with Linux. At some stage the OpenMoko GUI worked there and it was a really nice GUI, I can say even nicer than this new Android 1.5, but sadly the voice and dial didn’t work there. As you may (not) know, Google purchased Android platform a few years back, many things were allready done, then Google assigned about 100 coders to work on the project for about 2 more years, they also had support from hardware manufacturers to produce the first HTC G1 mobile phone, and today there are allready 20 Android capable phones from different manufacturers. These are so called “smart phones”, and give you the oportunity to download the software from the internet and develop your own applications, and most important it all runs on GNU Linux !

Author: Jan Prunk

Jan Prunk, Free software / GNU Linux enthusiast from Slovenia.

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